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Tunjur!  Tunjur!  Tunjur!: A Palestinian Folktale

Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur!: A Palestinian Folktale

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Alik Arzoumanian

Little Pot runs home full of honey and jewels until her Momma realizes she is pilfering these things. When the King catches her she gets her comeuppance.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Paperback  2012  Amazon Children’s Publishing   $7.99  32  978-076-146-3122 
Hardcover  2006  Marshall Cavandish  $16.95  32  978-0-7614-5225-6 

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"…the voice of an experienced storyteller. Her smooth pacing anchors the story, while newcomer Arzoumanian’s highly stylized (but always accessible) acrylics energize it. The boldly graphic, vibrantly hued settings pay homage to Arabic visual traditions…while the exotically costumed, appealing characters will draw readers into the action."  ...Publishers Weekly

"The tale has an oral quality that makes it easy to read or tell with repetitive phrases and lively rhythms. "  ...Kirkus

"The tale is told briskly, with rhymes and repetitions that make for fun reading aloud. Arzoumanian stirs in a Middle East flavor using acrylic paints to create decorative borders and backgrounds suggesting the costumes, styles, and fabric designs of the region. …The visual narrative, starring the saucy pot, is lively and frequently funny. "  ...Children's Literature [Ken and Sylvia Marantz]


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