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The Old Woman and Her Pig:  An Appalachian Folktale

The Old Woman and Her Pig: An Appalachian Folktale

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: John Kanzler

Sweet Appalachian variant of the British tale of the old woman whose pig won't go over the stye. This pig won't cross a bridge, but a caring cat and a moonlit-filled world make all well in the end. After much jogging along and singing, of course.

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Hardcover  2007  Harper Collins  $16.99  32 pages  0060280891  

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MRM TELLS OLD WOMAN AND HER PIG Filmed in Hawaii, May, 2016 by Jeff Gere


"MacDonald's lively picture-book retelling of an Appalachian folktale. ...the repetition in the text makes it ideal for reading aloud, true to its roots in the oral tradition. John Kanzler's illustrations convey the characters' facial expressions and movements with color and energy. A fun story for small children and preschool classrooms. "  ...Parent's Choice

"MacDonald's retelling of the classic story stirs in mountain flavor to the folksy fun of the cumulative tale. ... this rendition is in fine fettle wiht its down-home cadence, rustic setting and spunky characterizations.."  ...Kirkus Dec. 1, 2006

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