About MRM workshops

MacDonald's workshops empower the beginning teller, quickly turning novices into eager tellers. Workshops can be tailored to the needs of schools, libraries, and festivals.

Educators, Librarians & Tellers
Past Workshops

Thai teachers learn to tell "Monkey and Rabbit"

"I left with three stories to tell the next week and the glimmer of belief that I am, after all, cut out to work with children." Phyllis Silling, school librarian

"The exuberance that existed in the sessions was contagious."...Professor Spencer G. Shaw, University of Washington.

"Your knowledge of people (teachers, especially) creates a bridge…you set a standard for us and for every teller who follows."...Jane Stenson, Baker Demonstration School, National-Louis University

"Margie MacDonald is always a good presenter and gives every workshop attendee a wonderful pocket of stories to carry away forever, for free! Great handouts too."...Seattle Public Library Staff Day Attendee

Librarians in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Borneo) act out "Kanji-Jo, the Nestlings" s

"As creative and concise as your wonderful books!"...SCBWI workshop, Bellingham, Washington

"If 100 people each learn 6 new stories today, [they did] and they share one story in each of 6 programs that are attended by 25 children, how many children will enjoy a program enriched by the culturally diverse wealth of our folklore heritage? Answer: 15,000 children!" Leslie Molnar, Cuyahoga County Public Library.