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The Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale

The Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Julie Paschkis

When mouse bakes 36 pies, cat eats them all, alarming mouse, "Cat, you sure are FAT!" Cat clomps off meowing. "Oh I’m Meow Meow Fat! 'Cause I'm a hungry, hungry cat!" Cat eats a wash lady, a company of soldiers, and the king on his elephant. Then he returns to eat his housemate, the mouse. Mouse, of course cuts their way out and sews up his greedy friend, who now reforms. "Oh I'm Meow Meow FLAT! 'Cause I'm an empty, empty cat!" After that cat always leaves something for mouse. And whenever folks meet cat they are careful to speak with respect. "Cat, you sure are fa…fantastic!" Or as one 4th grader called out... "Hey, that was a put up! Wasn’t it?" Paschkis's painting of this fat fat cat is a show stopper!

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2007  Gitan Publications (Korean edition)      978-89-7959-196-5 
Paperback  2007  Gitan Publications (Korean edition)      ISBN 978-89-7959-211-5  
Hardcover  2001  August House (English edition)  $15.95  32 pages  0-87483-616-6 
Paperback  2001  August House (English edition)  $7.95  32 pages  0-87483-765-0 

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Margaret Read MacDonald

MRM tells Fat Cat.


"MacDonald’s text has the verve of language honed by frequent telling"  ...Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"A must for all libraries."  ...Top of Texas

"The crisp, charming text, is set off by Paschkis’s cheery gouache folk art style illustrations."  ...Rambles: A Cultural Arts Magazine

"This story will be a favorite read aloud and simply demands that listeners shout along."  ...Kirkus Reviews

"I used FAT CAT for a "Growing" storytime this morning and had to write and tell you that the children just LOVED it! They laughed in all the right places. It’s really a joy to have a book that “tells” so well."  ...Susan Anderson-Newham

"MacDonald uses short, rhythmic refrains to keep this tale of a greedy at that lives with a mouse flowing."  ...School Library Journal , Jan 2002

"The crisp, charming text is set off by Paschkis's cheery gouache folk art style illustrations. "  ...Rambles, Oct 21, 2001 Donna Scanlon

"The large, funny illustrations will carry well for a bigger crowd and, combined with refrains that invite chanting along, make this a surefire hit for reading aloud."  ...Booklist, Nov. 15, 2001

"The rhythmic and repetitious style will stimulate participation, even the first time around."  ...NAPRA Review, Sept/Oct 2001

"Margaret Read MacDOnald's infectious energy combines with Julie Paschkis's folk-inspired gouache paintings to create a new retelling of a favorite comic cumulative tale."  ...Independent Publisher, Aug. 6, 2001

"Folk art illustrations dance across the pages of this colorful and rollicking version. Great source notes! "  ...Children's Folklore Review, v. 25, 2003-2004, Gail de Vos and Merle Harris


Parent’s Choice Recommended

Children's Catalog 19th ed.

Best Books for Children, 7th ed.

Georgia Children's Picturebook Storybook Award short list

Children's Core Collection, 2014

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