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The Old Woman Who Lived In A Vinegar Bottle

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Vinegar Bottle

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Nancy Dunaway Fowlkes

For this retelling of a favorite British folktale, I stress the fairy's traveling rhyme and the old woman's complaining, "Oh what a pity! What a pity, pity PITY!" Children will love to chant it with you.

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Hardcover  1995  August House  $15.95    0-87483-415-5 

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Create your own tale
Using this as a pattern, let children create their own tale of someone who wanted more and more.

Compare this story with the Grimm tale of “The Fisherman and His Wife.”



"MacDonald is in fine form, preceding the tale with a learned discussion of variants, then rendering it in a rapid, comic style."  ...Kirkus Reviews

"Fowlke’s bold, exuberant watercolor and ink paintings are clear enough for group read-alouds, yet are packed with enticing details for independent readers and on-on-one listeners."  ...School Library Journal

"MacDonald presents a retelling that is so rhythmic and conversational even a first-time storyteller will be successful. Fowlkes' energetic, brightly patterned ink-and-watercolor illustrations are sized right for storytime as will, with the vinegar bottle discreetly showing up in every spread. "  ...Booklist, Oct 1, 1995 Susan Dove Lempke

"With brightly colored illustrations and chant-like refrain...will delight children ages 4-7. "  ...Education Today, Feb 1996


Storytelling World Award

Southern Books Competition, Honorable Mention

Elementary School Library Collection, 22nd ed

Bowker Best Books for Children

Best Books for Children 7th ed.

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