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A Hen, a Chick and a String Guitar

A Hen, a Chick and a String Guitar

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Sophie Fatus

Inspired by a Chilean folktale, this rollicking chant-along tale is a delight for young children. "Grandma gave me a clucking white hen. Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! ... One day that hen gave me a chick! I had a hen. And I had a chick. Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! How I loved my two little pets." As the animals arrive two by two, the story adds them up...ending with 16 pets! Thus a counting/adding book, a baby animal names book, and a just plain fun to chant story. Includes a CD composed, sung and played on guitar by Bob King.

US paperback edition is re-issued under title Farmyard Jamboree

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2005  Barefoot Books UK    32 pages  1-84148-795-3 
Hardcover  2005  Barefoot Books  $17.99  32 pages  1-84148-796-1  
Paperback  2005  Barefoot Books  $6.99    1-905236-20-4 

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Guitar Score to Song

Download Guitar Score (PDF 89.0KB)  


You Tube animation of Farmyard Jamboree
See You Tube under Farmyard Jamboree for animation and song of Hen, a Chick and a String Guitar.


"A must have…..I used it in my library with lst and 2nds grade students and they loved it! By the end of the book everyone was swaying and singing along with the music. Moooo!"  ...Kathy L. Simpkins, New Jersey

"Warning: This Chilean folktale-inspired read-aloud (and song) will have preschoolers oinking and mooing 'til the cows come home. ...Opportunities for a barnyard ruckus abound here. ...The colorful, folk-art style of the acrylic and pastel paintings echoes the simple, cheerful cacophony of the story."  ...Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews

"Storytellers will respond eagerly to the opportunity to try this one out on a crowd, and young listeners will likely beg for a second round."  ... Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"This is a really uplifting book. It is basically a counting book but with a difference--it is all done to music. "  ...Reading Time, Vol 49, No. 3


Kansas Reading Circle Cat 2006

Best Books for Children
7th ed.

Children's Cat 19th ed.

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Norwegian Translation
Ei høne, en kylling og en liten gitar. Stavanger: Go’boken, 2007
Finnish Translation
Kana, tipu ja kitara. Helsinki: Vau’kirja, 2007
Swedish Translation
En höna, en kyckling och en liten gitar. Malmö: Go’boken, 2007

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Ei hǿne, en kyllink og en liten gitar
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