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How Many Donkeys?

How Many Donkeys?
An Arabic Counting Tale

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald and Nadiah Jameel Taibah
Illustrator: Carol Liddiment

Jouha counts ten donkeys, but riding along he realizes that now he has only nine! Listeners get to help count…in Arabic…each time Jouha mounts and dismounts to... "Count again, Jouha!" Retelling of a Saudi folktale from co-author Nadiah Taibah’s aunt Salha. Arabic numerals run across bottom of page, along with English pronunciation and Arabic script for numbers.

Don’t worry about pronunciation of the Arabic numbers. Your guesstimate will automatically be close. But if you are concerned you can CLICK HERE to hear Nadiah pronounce the Arabic numbers.

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Paperback  2012    $6.99  32 pages  978-0-8-75-33425-0 
Hardcover  2009  Albert Whitman  $16.99  32 pages  978-0807534243 

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"I can't wait to share this book with my class! For the first time, my Arabic-speaking students will be the experts as they help us to count to 10 in Arabic, moving across the page from right to left. "  ...A Year of Reading, Sept. 17, 2009

"A winning, witty, and surprisingly effective combination. "  ...Booklist, Sept 15, 2009

". While Jouha keeps miscounting his donkeys, readers who carefully observe the vibrant paintings will notice that he counts only 9 donkeys because he neglects to count the donkey he is sitting on. Children can count along in Arabic with the guide, written from right to left, at the bottom of each page."  ...Book Links October 2010

"Engaging and filled with gentle humor--a solid choice for home or school use. "  ...Kirkus Reviews


Sharjah World Book Fair Award
UAE Bookfair award for Children's Book by non-Arabic author about Arabic topics.   

Children's Core Collection, 2014, 21st ed.

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