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Give Up Gecko!

Give Up Gecko!
A Folktale from Uganda

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrator: Deborah Melman

In this tale from the Acoli people of Uganda, tiny Gecko is the one who stomps and stomps to reach water when the other animals have all given up. Audiences love stomping along with him: “Gecko! Gecko! Heavy heavy heavy! Gecko! Gecko! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!”

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2013  Amazon Children’s Publishing   $16.99    978-1-4778-1635-6 
eBook  2013  Amazon Children’s Publishing      978-1-4778-6635-1 

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"MacDonald sure knows how to supply young readers with scripts to shout from. Melmon, meanwhile, offers up simple earth-toned vistas with colored pencils that betray just enough paper texture to contribute to the overall sandy feel. A small note on the tale’s history ends this quirky ode to never giving up. — Daniel Kraus"  ...Booklist

"Children will enjoy repeating the refrain and the cumulative aspects of this tale...a good choice for introducing folktales or for use in storytimes with a variety of themes including animals, perseverance..."  ...Roxanne Burg...School Library Journal

"Kids will love to chant and stomp along to this Ugandan folktale.Easy to read for that emerging reader, with a fun tale that got my child excited as we read along, Give Up, Gecko! is now a favorite addition to our reading repertoire."  ...PJKids

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