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Dr. MacDonald is available for conference keynotes. MRM combines her study of folklore with her experience as a storyteller to offer insights into the folktale tradition and our place in it. The keynotes are lively affairs and the audience usually leaves with a new story to tell.

"Wonderful keynote. It addressed the joy, power, and cultural imperative of story. I am heartened by your message and its reception by our attendees."...Jane Stenson, Betty Weeks Storytelling Conference

Past keynotes have included

  • "Making Global Connections" National Storytelling Network Annual Conference, 2004
  • "A story, a story...let it come...let it go!" Sharing the Fire Conference, Boston. Why a story cannot be owned.
  • "The Art of the Folktale Picture Book" Children's Literature Association Annual Conference, Omaha
  • "Taking Your Place in the Storytelling Tradition" Betty Weeks Storytelling Conference, Evanston, Illinois
  • "100 Joys to Share with Children" Nebraska Library Association Annual Conference

Speeches have include

  • "The Folktale as Story Source" Industrial Light and Magic, San Rafael, Ca.
  • "4,000 Years of Storytelling Tradition" Louisiana Library Association