Performances & Festivals

Livia de Almeida translates MRM in a tandem telling in Rio
Margaret performs both alone and with musician Richard Scholtz. Visit MacDonald & Scholtz Singing Tales. Her performances always involve her audiences in lively interaction through song, chant, and movement. MRM delights in discovering and sharing joyful folktales from the world's many cultures. She encourages her audiences to carry the stories back into their communities and keep sharing them. MacDonald's tellings are a delight for both young and old.

"I hope I can convey to you how joyful it was to have you here telling stories." ...Beth Eisenhood, Washington Talking Book and Braille Library.

"Mommy I like that girl!" ...Pre-school daughter of Jeeva Ragnuth during Northwest BookFest performance. (at 62 I love this quote)

"MacDonald's storytelling in English, coupled with Soejadi's expert rendition in Bahasa Indonesia created an experience that was beyond the limitations of language." The Jakarta Post, July 29, 2003.

"You are one of the stars of the circuit!. I know the skills that a storyteller needs to have, and you have them in peerless abundance." Nury Vitachi, Man Hong Literary Festival, Hong Kong

"Margaret and Richard were wonderful! They both made it seem so easy. Audience members commented afterwards that they loved seeing Margaret tell in her stocking feet, and on the way she seemed to float and bob around on the stage. Her gestures, especially when creatures were revealed to be handsome heroes, were priceless. She was presenting us all with a wonderful gift and was well aware of how happy it was going to make us! Richard seamlessly supported Margaret with his music. The musicians among us remarked on Richard's improvisational skills. His verbal responses often provided a hilarious deadpan counterpoint to Margaret's expressiveness.

There was a joyous feeling among the listeners during and afterwards that dramatized what exceptional storytelling can bring. The Center was truly delighted to help bring Margaret and Richard together with so many overjoyed story–lovers"...New York Storytelling Center website 9/15/06

"I have never experienced storytelling on that level before. It was absolutely exhilarating. Thank you so much!"...Margaret Eisenstadt, 8/21/06


Festival Appearances

  • Glistening Waters Festival, Masterton, New Zealand (twice);
  • Australian National Storytelling Festival
  • All Japan Storytelling Festival
  • Vancouver Storytelling Festival (thrice)
  • Forest Festival (Port Angeles, Wa) (twice)
  • Rio Tellabration Festival
  • Stories by the Sea (Newport, OR)(twice)
  • Mahasarakham Tellabration Festival (Thailand)
  • Singapore Storytelling Festival
  • Omaha Storytelling Festival
  • St. Louis Storytelling Festival.
  • Jornadas ContArte, Cuba
  • Three Rivers Storytelling Festival, Pittsburg
  • King County Library System StoryFest International, Bellevue, Washington.
  • Asian Congress of Storytellers, Singapore
  • Kearny Area Storytelling Festival
  • Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival
  • Shanghai Literary Festival
  • Galle Literary Festival, Sri Lanka
  • Hong Kong Literary Festival
  • Tucson Festival of Books
  • XXI Festival de los Narradores Orales de Santa Cantarina, Ciuadad de México
  • Un Madrid de Cuento
  • Bookaroo Children's Literature Festival, New Delhi
  • IV Encuentro de Narradores Orales del Caribe, Colombia
  • Ananse Sound Splash Storytelling Festival, Jamaica
  • PowellsWood Storytelling Festival
Command performance at Bronx Library
Hilary Clinton at Bronx Library"Two Goats on a Bridge"...Hillary was a great audience!

Hilary Clinton at Bronx Library